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Hello! My name is Mike Luong and to know me is to find my camera never far and my eyes dialing in the world from a len's perspective. I enjoy capturing the moments, the moods, the momentous occasions that define each and every photo shoot - and the people and stories behind them. I hope you enjoy my galleries and they inspire you to share YOUR stories and occasions with me.

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September 26, 2013

Rebecca and I have always been in love with Amsterdam since our first visit many years ago.  The photos below are from our last visit during New Year’s Eve 2011.








August 29, 2011

After spending most of my life in the beautiful city of Seattle, and enjoying much of what it has to offer, I felt it was the right time for a big change. Southern California has been in my heart since my first road trip many years ago, but remained an elusive dream until recently.   It was with both sadness and anticipation that I left Seattle and moved to Newport Beach this summer.  The last few months have been an exercise in exploration, and establishing a new base to call home.   It has been a wonderful journey thus far and I’m looking forward to many new chapters and memories.

View of the bay in Avalon on Catalina Island

Cafe along the coast outside of Monterey

Fresh oysters from the Hollywood farmer's market / Enjoying a beer at Stone Brewing

Chili peppers from the Los Angeles farmer's market

April 3, 2011

Model: Stewart K.
Make Up / Hair: Scott Provo

March 27, 2011

Models: Steven @ SMG
Make Up: Scott Provo
Hair: Scott Provo

March 14, 2011

Models: Fiona & Kecia @ SMG
Styling: Stacy Zimmerman
Make Up: Yessie Libby
Hair: Avian King